(MP3 Audio Files) Proof No Crime was Committed on the 14th of Tele Communication Harassment on the Ross Sherifss

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These are the Audio Files from my own Personal Recordings of the Alleged Crime of Tele Communication Harassment on the Ross Sheriffs. The 1st one is of two Ross Sheriff Deputies smashing on my Door and trying to open the Door and gain Entry with no Warrant (which actually took place for 6 minutes). The next two recordings of are when I called into the Ross Sheriffs Department seeking Information, which is my Right (3rd Recording Starts at Approx 8 minutes in).

Now after a review of the (MP3s) Date in Question, the 14th of November 2018, it is pretty clear no Crime was committed by I, Randy G Ross on the Ross Sheriffs on the 14th. But it is pretty clear the Ross Sheriffs committed a Crime on me. Well thank the lord the US Marshalls got involved, because I am pretty certain the Ross Sheriff Deputies were going to beat me up and give me a resisting arrest charge at best, based upon their behavior.



Now after a review of the phone call to the Ross Sheriffs on the 14th, ask yourselves while watching the Video Below, did the Ross Sheriffs have the Right to come onto Private Property with no Warrant and smash on my door for over 5 minutes refusing to leave? Now add the fact they did this on the 11th, and arrested me on the 15th with no Warrant (I’ve requested it, State is past the 10 days so ordered) after coming by for a 3rd time (US Marshalls there on the 3rd), who is the criminal, me or them based off the Crime of Harassment. You cannot come by 3 times to someones house to arrest them without a warrant. The bottom line is if someone is in their house, and there is not an active situation that dictates a Forced Entry than a Warrant must be had to Arrest someone in there house, particularly days after the fact, That is the Law!

By the way the Time Stamp is Off and the Body Cam from the 15th is tampered with, and leaves out the whole 1st half, like the part they lie and say they have a Warrant. Plus there was 2 Sheriffs there, where is the 2nd Body Cam from the 15th. Destruction of Evidence in this Case, that is 100%.

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