Randy Ross

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Freedom of speech or defamation of character: What do you think of the accusations on the State of Corruption NH billboard?

Posted by NH1 on Saturday, April 8, 2017

Defendant (me) and Pro se (oneself) litigant Randy G Ross of New Haven and New Hampshire was doing the Graphics in the Biggest Defamation Case in US History, a Case about the Graphics, doing the last rounds on the Alleged Mafia and Drug Dealers in New Hampshire, for Micheal Gill from State of Corruption who didn’t take 50 Million Dollars in signed Court Paperwork from the IRS and Banking Commission, and starting alleging some parties involved were the Mafia and Drug Dealers; this was my side battle. I do not think the alleged overly Corrupt Ross Sheriffs enjoyed that much, nor my other legal and political escapades.

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