Letter to the Ross County Commissioners about a Jail Warden & County Dispatch Center

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Salve, Commissioners

I Randy G Ross of New Haven and New Hampshire come to you with budgetary concerns in regards to the Ross Sheriffs and the Ross County Jail, but I do not just come to you with the problems, but also the solutions. 1st obviously Ross Sheriff Lavender is not respecting the Ross County Commissioners, which is something all to present by him going against his campaign promises and asking for more money, while the County is about to be 1.5 Million in defect; in a meeting he should of been coming up with ways to cut his costs, but instead had the audacity to dictate more money, but really demanding it under the guise of it being a life and death situation (like stated in the papers).

Now I propose several cost saving solutions to remedy the mismanagement of the Elected Sheriff and an out of control department not held to any bounds but a far flung DOJ, with no local over-cite but the ability to cut the Budget! Now I propose separating the County Jail from the Ross Sheriff Lavender, and appointing or having an elected Warden to take over. I also propose establishing a County Police Force, headed by a County Police Commissioner, which would be appointed or elected, but like the Jail under a Warden, and unlike pre-established doctrines on Sheriffs (that do not allow for local over-cite) the County Commissioners would have over-cite, and assuredly far more say in the budgets.  Now lets go over these topics in more depth.

Ross County Jail Warden

Now obviously Ross Sheriff Lavender is mismanaging the County Jail and clearly does not give it enough attention, and even a quick Google search can turn up quite the embarrassing affair (like when one inmate broke out of jail by pretending to be his Cell Mate, and how Sheriff Lavender makes Ross County a laughing stock), and how a decent picked Warden with actual knowledge on how a Jail is suppose to be run would not have those mishaps, avoid potential lawsuits better, bring a better standard to the Jail, while assuredly cutting it’s budget (he’s probably be smart enough to secure more Grants too, something I could do with a little care, just saying). Now a quick Google Search shows how much of a laughing stock Ross County is in concerns to law enforcement and worse, all the way to unresolved serial killings, and I know a shake up in law enforcement is needed, particularly if that goes well with bridging the gap on that coming 1.5 Million Dollar Defect!

I hope that we can all agree two heads are better than one, particularly when one weights the differences to running a Sheriffs Department and the differences between running a Jail (not to mention any potential legal conflicts of interests, like when the Ross Sheriffs themselves are the only alleged victims), and conclude that an appointed or elected Warden would be more effective at running the jail than the jail is currently being run, and how that change now brings the Jail under your Jurisdiction, Over-Cite, and Budging Abilities, instead of what is basically another elected Politician that gets to wastefully spend your money, that you Budget to him however he sees fit, while being so inept to literally be an embarrassment on-top of the shadow looming in so many minds that still lingers about the serial killer (a shake up in law enforcement would not just ease the minds of many concerned citizens but also take a better stab at the riff local crime if properly set-up).

So not only can a Warden better manage the Jail, but it brings the Jail under the management of the people paying for it via you, instead of just one elected politician with no real over-cite but a far flung DOJ, and how much better quality and savings can be accomplished under that model, and how much lawsuits can be avoided by a presently mismanaged and mis budgeted jail. But let us not forget such a shake up allows for Fires and Hires, and the County Commissioners should note firing the old guard who probably gets paid more, and replacing them with a new guard can save allot of money, and also would help shake any corruption further away, a corruption that surely exists.

So ask yourselves now that we have established two heads are better than one, and someone more specialized in running a jail as warden under your local over-cite is the better model, now think, so how much money of that 1.5 Million will it save, and I do not know the answer to that, but I know it will save money, but also, it allows you the ability to actually managed the Jail via the Warden and get away from the laws set in place that protect a Sheriff from such, and take control of this County back for the People who you were Elected by.

Ross County Police Commissioner 

     Now I fully understand establishing a New Force Costs money, but! Given the present state of things and all the savings that can be had across all local law enforcement by much better integrating them together, I believe launching the New Ross County Police Force more based on the Logistical End at 1st, instead of the actually psychical end would relieve any start up burdens. So instead of at 1st buying new cruisers and such for the new force, the goal should be at 1st to establish the Ross County Police Force as the Logistical Center Point of all Local Police Forces and utilizing their man power, but reducing their dispatch needs and allowing them allocate more of their budgets on putting Officers on Patrol and Investigating things. So I would suggest basically setting up the County Police at 1st as the County Police Dispatch Center (basically), and using that to integrate all the Police Forces together while reducing each individual Police Stations Dispatch Costs, and allowing them to put more Officers on Patrol. So now imagine we just put more boots on the street in every town, and the Ross County Police integrating them into one giant police force, and the Ross County Police can dispatch Officers from one town to the next if the situation arises because they have gave them the temporary operation jurisdiction to do so.

Now let us just go on the premise the County Commissioners cannot just set up a County Police Force and say it has Jurisdiction over all the Town (and Chillicothe Police) Forces, so how can we still do this? Easy, lobby with the Towns to give the Major Jurisdiction to the County Police Force, and sell them on the idea of integrating the Police Forces, and not just getting more boots on the ground, but better logistics and over laps, and greatly increase their local town law enforcement by them simply allowing it to happen.

But where can we get the initial start up money for this? Simply from the Ross Sheriffs Budget! By getting more boots on the ground and better organized in every township and Chillicothe, elevates the burdens of the Ross Sheriffs if!, if the Ross Sheriffs Operational Jurisdiction was reduced and the Operational Jurisdictions of the Townships (& Chillicothe) expanded to make the difference, and since those towns can now put more boots on the ground (via less individual dispatch costs), and those boots are better organized and arranged (via the County Police as the Logistical Center Point), than the Numbers of Ross Sheriffs Deputies can be reduced! And if like in the Jail some of the more higher paid Deputies were replaced with lower paying ones to compensate; whether that is really in a different department; / is County Dispatch or more man hours or new part time cops in the Townships.

Over time the County Police (and Townships) Theoretically could take over more Jurisdictional Territory from the Ross Sheriffs, but over time the County Police should slowly start getting actual units and equipment, but really at 1st a County Police Commissioner tying all the Local Departments together under a Cost Effective County Dispatch Center that lowers costs to each town department and allows them to get more boots on the Ground, with the added bonus of being able to dispatch units from town to town and give temporary operation jurisdiction to do so; should do the trick to greatly improve law enforcement in this County, while allowing the County Commissioners to reduce the run away ineffective Ross Sheriffs Budget and give you the County Commissioners the leverage on the Ross Sheriffs to get their Budget in line, or they literally can be at least half replaced, and that would be the half left after the Jail is under a County Warden with your local over-cite (which is important for budget reasons, and to avoid lawsuits).


There is surely money to be saved with the proper administration of the County Jail which is surely lacking under Ross Sheriff Lavender, and not to mention how a Warden directly under the County Commissioners allows better over-cite over the jail and budget and reduces long term costs and long term lawsuit expenses, while bringing up the Quality, and probably the more attention to drag in more State and Federal Funding.

Ross County has been hard hit by Drugs, Crime, Murder, and even Serial Killings, far outside the norm for a County of this size compared to the rest of the Country, and it stinks of Inept or Corrupt Law Enforcement, and you can take your pick but this County needs a shake up in the order of its law enforcement and a shake up in its staff, but not just that it can help to close the Gap on your coming 1.5 Million Dollar Defect! I fully believe it is time the County Commissioners take hold, not just shake up Law Enforcement, but rebuild it, while saving a buck. And how much money can be saved by some firing and hiring, fire over here because one department doesn’t have a choice, and hire over here (just think of how many contracts could be shook free and how much money saved).

One thing should be evident that with all the Drugs, Crime, Murders, and even Serial Killings (even in the County South) the current status quo on law enforcement is not working, and something must be done, and given with the need to make a move on something with a coming 1.5 Million Dollar Budget Defect I would say this would be a good direction to move in to help close that gap, and put your foot down on the run away Ross Sheriffs Budget by literally creating cost effective competition, and put them in place with a little free market principals.

Also the establishment of a New Force may open up some Grants and also could be a good Local Donation Drive if handled right, and could in itself help slightly bridge the coming 1.5 million dollar defect! A defect Sheriff Lavender holds in no regards even against his campaign promises! The only way for Sheriff Lavender to Respect his Budget and the County Commissioners is to take some of his Budget away; one by a newly Established Warden, two by slightly reducing the Budget of the Sheriffs left to pay for the County Police Dispatch Center, which like we said before reduces the costs for local towns and increase their boots on the ground to accommodate for the few less Sheriff Deputies. Now Imagine if the County Police via budget pressures leveraged on the Ross Sheriffs also Dispatched for the Ross Sheriffs, and could send out local town units to assist the Ross Sheriffs, how much more could the Ross Sheriffs Budget be reduced?

The better integration of these Departments logistically helps to combat crime by the better communication, but also shared knowledge on local criminal types, and allows for a better inspection of some potential bigger rackets around these parts. Also with Cops from one department working with other departments more often, while being in communication with the County Police which hopefully works with all departments; hopefully Police will be on better behavior and act more professionally given how much more people they will be working with from other departments, and how that might became a part of better habits of the local law enforcement which is always good for the citizenry.

With the coming 1.5 Million Dollar Defect and Ross Sheriff Lavender Audaciously going against his Campaign Promises, and trying to blame his ineptness on you, the Commissioners for Budgetary Reasons, and basically demanding more money by citing life and death (as quoted in the local paper), The Ross County Commissioners have no choice but to respond and put your foot down on out of control inept or corrupt Ross Sheriff Lavender by giving power of the County Jail over to a Warden under your Over-Cite and establishing the beginnings of a County Police Force via a County Police Commissioner and the County Dispatch Center the Commissioner will rule over; to Integrate the local police forces to together and better serve the Ross County Community. This will help close the gap on the 1.5 Million Dollar Defect and bring Lavender into the rude awakening he better get that budget inline or the County Police and Local Police may just replace him further. Theoretically you could give more money to each town out of the Ross Sheriffs budget for more Officers and potentially manage to increase their Jurisdictions out of the Ross Sheriffs Jurisdictions.

Additionally have you guys thought of calling up Highway Patrol and asking if you gave them more Jurisdiction further off the highway (mutual Jurisdiction with other local agencies) if they would provide more units to Ross County, and cite the need to give them the ability to further track suspected drug traffickers in a hard hit County like Ross County. Who knows, maybe you guys could get a deal were you pay X amount for additional units and they split the costs with you, because they like the idea and the line of thinking within the context of a hard hit County for Drugs, even a one year contract could be helpful, particularly if they are more cost effective than the Ross Sheriffs. Also if you are already not doing it that same concept could be helpful in getting the FBI and DEA here (again if you are not already), by providing an extra office somewhere for them and calling up and asking them if they could provide a unit 1 or more days a week in the County, and cite the Office Space that is set aside for them, and anything else you could bring to their disposal. Personally I think this county is hard hit with drugs and crime for its size, and has way to many murders, unresolved too, and a complete law enforcement shake up is needed, as with bringing in as many departments of various types as necessary. I think the Citizenry would be overly pleased with a shake up of this magnitude, and help further lunch your political careers into more success.

Spem Successus Alit
Randy G Ross of New Haven and New Hampshire~ 


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